Get Google To Rank You Locally For Free

Author: Derek Carter - 25th April 2017

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FACT: People like to shop and buy locally especially if we make it easy for them.

They do this by adding a map on the SERP page (Search engine results page)  between the paid ads and the organic listings with little markers listing local businesses near you that match your search criteria.

Often users will just click the nearest one and off they go, others, who like to do a little research first, may check out the reviews for some those businesses, and no prize for guessing which businesses they chose first, yep.. the 5 star companies tend to get more views than the businesses with no stars or companies with only one or two stars (Managing your online reputation is important folks!)

Google then make it super easy for potential customers to find you by adding links to your website or they can just click the directions button and BOOM! the navigator on their phones is leading them straight to you!


Yes folks, you heard me, you can get your business sitting above the first organic listing for free and it is relatively easy to do. Below I have listed the instructions for you, if however you find it to daunting or are time poor at the moment, contact us and we will take care of it for you for a competitve fee.

Steps to Add your business to google for business:

  1. Navigate to Google My Business.
    • New to Google My Business? Follow these steps to sign up for free
  2. Search for your business using its name and address.
    • Brands, organisations, or artists should follow these steps.
  3. If you see a dialog letting you know that someone else has verified the business, follow these steps.
  4. If you don’t see your business listed in the menu, click No, these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the business. You’ll then be prompted to enter some details for your business. Make sure you enter an accurate, complete street address, and a phone number which reaches your business directly.
  5. Click Submit.

For more information, including how to verify your business you can follow this link

Add or claim your business listing – Google My Business Help


Time Poor or not great with technology…Would you like us to do this for you?

Contact us here or call Des on 0412 738862 and I will arrange this on your behalf. Cost to set up is $495 + gst.